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Friday, June 16, 2023

Jagannath Temple: 5 big secrets of Jagannath Dham related to faith, knowing which everyone gets surprised

The grand temple of Lord Jagannath, called Nath of the world, is the biggest pilgrimage place for the people belonging to the Vaishnava tradition. Read this article to know the big secret related to the abode of faith where lakhs of people reach every year for the Rath Yatra.

Jagannath puri Mandir: The Jagannath temple located in Odisha is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Shri Krishna as the Vaikuntha form of the earth. It is believed that this mythological temple of Puri is very old. The history associated with this temple is quite astonishing. It is a religious belief that the heart of Lord Krishna still beats in the idols of the Jagannath temple.

In Sanatan tradition, Jagannath temple is considered to be the biggest pilgrimage place of Vaishnava tradition. Every day thousands of pilgrims from India and abroad visit this abode of faith to have darshan of Lord Jagannath. This temple of Puri is dedicated to Lord Krishna, but there he is known as Jagannath Dham. In this temple of Puri, one of the four major pilgrimages associated with Hinduism, idols of Lord Jagannath along with his elder brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra are seen.

5 such unsolved mysteries of Jagannath Puri Temple

1. It is believed that in the Jagannath temple, 7 utensils are placed one above the other in order to cook the prasad, in which the prasad of the topmost utensil is cooked first, whereas, the prasad is cooked one after the other from the lower side. Which is surprising in itself.

2. It is believed that the wind blows from sea to land in the temple during the day. While in the evening the wind blows from the land towards the sea. The flag on the pinnacle of the Jagannath temple always waves against the wind.

3. It is believed that the height of the Jagannath temple is about 214 feet. In such a situation, the shadow of animals and birds should be formed, but the shadow of the peak of this temple always remains missing.

4. Neither an airplane ever flies over the Jagannath temple in Puri, nor does any bird sit on the top of the temple. This has not been seen in any temple of India.

5. All the three idols including Lord Jagannath are changed in the temple every 12 years. After which new idols are installed there. While changing the idols of God, the electricity of the city is cut off. Along with this, heavy security forces are deployed outside the temple. During that time only the priest is allowed to enter the temple.

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