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Monday, June 19, 2023

If you eat street food with these precautions, you will never fall ill...

You can get many health benefits by drinking turmeric water on an empty stomach early in the morning. Here we are giving you information about its many health benefits.Health Tips: If you also take care of some things while eating street food, then you will be able to enjoy eating without any harm. Let us know the hygiene tips…

Health Tips: We all are crazy about street food. Don't know how many varieties are there like Chaat, Golgappa, Dosa, Samosa, but before eating it, people think a hundred times whether they will fall sick by eating street food? Might there be an infection? If you also worry about this, then your worry is absolutely right because it is not possible to maintain hygiene in the food sold on the roadside. You can save and also enjoy a lot of food.

Eat street food with these precautions

1. Always eat freshly prepared street food. Sometimes fried items are kept and the shopkeepers serve them after heating them again. Eating such food can affect your digestion. You may have diarrhea and food poisoning. In this case, always eat street food fresh and cooked in front of you.

2. Whenever you eat street food, try to eat in disposable utensils instead of regular utensils. Because street vendors clean their utensils in a hurry, due to which the utensils are not cleaned properly. Sometimes even with the right water If the utensil is not washed, eating food in that utensil can increase the risk of diseases to a great extent. If you want to keep yourself safe and enjoy food, then give preference to disposable utensils only.

3. Buy goods from such carts or vendors where hygiene is taken care of. Whenever you eat golgappas from the cart, keep in mind whether the vendor is wearing gloves or not. In this way you can avoid infection.

4.  Avoid eating spicy food. Many times by eating spicy food, it is not possible to know whether it is fresh or stale. That's why avoid eating too much spicy food.

5. You can choose healthy option in street food like you can choose fruit chaat, dosa, chana chaat, it is not harmful for health.

6. While buying fruit chaat, pay attention to its freshness. Never eat fruit chaat that has already added salt and spices. Eating stale fruits can cause stomach pain or indigestion.

7. Many vendors cook food with tap water. Harmful bacteria are found in this water. Which can cause diarrhea, typhoid and cholera. Avoid eating food from such places.

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