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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Google AI Image Generator: Create photos with artificial intelligence in Google Slides, new feature released

Google Slides AI Image Generator:
Now images can be created with artificial intelligence in Google Slides. This feature can be accessed from the 'Help me visualize' option in the side panel of the slide.

Technology sector giant Google has launched a new feature based on Artificial Intelligence ( AI ). The tech firm has released the feature of creating images from AI in Google Slides. With the help of this feature, users can create backgrounds and images in making Google Slides presentations. The new feature of Google can be taken advantage of through Help Me Visualize. Last month, this feature was announced by the American tech company at the Google I / O 2023 event.

To use this feature, you have to see the 'Help me visualize' side panel in Slides. Here you can write text to create image according to your need. However, keep in mind that the new AI Image Creator has been released for desktop users. At present, this feature has not been released for all users.

How to use AI feature in Google Slides

Through this process, you can use AI image generator in Google Slides.

1. First you need to sign up in google workspace lab

2. For this, Google's terms and conditions have to be accepted.

3.Help me visualize” option will appear on Google Slides

4. From here you can create images through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

5. Different render styles will be available after writing the text as per requirement.

6. These include photography, clip art, background, flat lay and illustration render styles

Google Meet released Viewer Mode feature

Meanwhile, Google has started rolling out viewer mode in Google Meet. Under this feature, viewers cannot share audio and video in the meeting. Users involved in the meeting can be made co-hosts and contributors to run the meeting well.

If you are using Google Meet for large meetings, such as webinars and town halls, then you can make the people involved in the meeting 'viewers'. With this, the people attending the meeting will be able to pay proper attention to the speaker and the content.

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