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Monday, June 12, 2023

G20 Meeting: Global South's goal is development, digitization has brought revolutionary changes, PM Narendra Modi said in the meeting

Addressing the meeting of the G20 Development Minister, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that digitization has brought significant changes in India. India is also keen to share its experience with partner countries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed the meeting of G20 Development Ministers being held in Banaras. Addressing the meeting through video conferencing, the PM said that Kashi has been a center of knowledge, discussion, culture and spirituality for centuries. Kashi is the essence of India's diverse heritage. During this, while referring to digitization in India, the PM said that it has brought revolutionary changes in the country.

The PM further said that I am happy that the agenda of G20 development has reached Kashi as well. When the countries of the South were seriously affected by the disruption caused by the Kovid epidemic, the decisions you take in such circumstances are of great importance. As far as the Global South is concerned, development is an important issue for it.

Addressing the representatives of different countries involved in the meeting, PM Modi said that our efforts should be comprehensive, inclusive, fair and sustainable. We must increase investment to meet the SDGs. Solutions must be found to address the debt risks faced by many countries.

'100 districts of the country are being motivated for development'

As far as India is concerned, we have made efforts to improve the lives of people in more than a hundred districts. The experiences gained during this period show that these districts have now emerged as catalysts of development in the country. He said that I urge the G20 development ministers to study this model of development.

PM said – Women empowerment is also necessary for development

The Prime Minister said that it is the responsibility of the G20 not to leave behind its goals of development. We should also ensure that no one is left behind in this. It is necessary to give a strong message from this group to the whole world. We also need to focus on gender equality and women empowerment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

In India we are not limited to women empowerment. Our development is women led. Here women are setting the agenda of development and playing an important role in development and change. The PM told the delegates that I hope you will not spend all your time meeting. You go out and feel the spirit of Kashi. I am not saying this to you because Kashi is my parliamentary constituency. I have full faith that after this, Ganga Aarti of Kashi and Yatra of Sarnath will inspire you.

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