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Friday, June 9, 2023

Donald Trump Case: What is the classified document case in which the case against Trump is going on?

Donald Trump is accused of mishandling classified documents. He is being prosecuted in this case. 300 classified documents were received from Trump.

Former US President Donald Trump is being indicted for mishandling classified documents. This case going on over Trump is one of the most prominent cases in the Justice Department history of America. Actually, Donald Trump is accused of not keeping classified documents properly in his Florida estate. This is the biggest case against Trump so far, in which he is being prosecuted.

Three months ago, a case was filed against the former President in 34 felony counts. He was accused of filing false information in business records. Actually, people in top positions in America have classified documents. In the same way, Trump also had documents. Let us know about the trial going on over Trump and understand how Trump's case is completely different from the rest of the leaders in the matter of classified documents.

What are the charges against Trump?

Two people with knowledge of the matter said that Trump has been charged with seven counts of mishandling classified documents. One of the two people cited above says that the allegations themselves are still vague and sealed. Trump announced on his social media site 'Truth Social' on Thursday that a Justice Department attorney has told his legal team that he has been indicted. He said he would appear in court in Miami on Tuesday afternoon.

How did this matter come to light?

Actually, some important documents went missing during Trump's presidency. After this, officials of the National Archives and Records Administration held talks with Trump's representatives in 2021. According to the Presidential Records Act, White House documents are considered the property of the US government. That's why they have to be kept safe.

One of Trump's representatives told the National Archives in December 2021 that presidential records had been found at Mar-a-Lago. In January 2022, the National Archive recovered 15 boxes from Trump's Florida home. Justice Department officials told that a lot of classified material was present in those boxes.

In 2022 itself, in the month of May, the FBI and the Justice Department told Trump that he would have to submit all the documents he had. After this, when the investigators reached Trump's place, they recovered three dozen documents from there. The officers then returned to Mar-a-Lago in August 2022. This time they found more than 33 boxes and containers containing a total of 11,000 documents from a storage room and an office. There were 100 classified documents in it. In total, 300 classified documents were received from Trump.

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