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Thursday, June 22, 2023

China Blast: Big explosion in Chinese restaurant before Dragon Boat Festival, 31 people died

This blast happened just before the Dragon Boat Festival. People were busy preparing for the festival, when a sudden blast caused a stampede and many people fell prey to it.

There has been an explosion in a restaurant in China , in which 31 people have died. The incident is being reported from Yinchuan city where 31 people died due to late night explosion in the restaurant. Gas leak is said to be the reason for the blast. Giving information about the incident, Chinese media Xinhua said that due to a sudden gas leak in the restaurant, there was a huge explosion. In this incident, 7 people are also said to be injured. These people were admitted to the hospital after being rescued.

It is being told that as soon as the information about the explosion was received, the fire engines immediately reached the spot and started extinguishing the fire. Many pictures of this incident have come to the fore, in which many fire tenders can be seen on the spot after extinguishing the fire. At the time when there was an explosion in the restaurant, many people were present around it. According to the information, the explosion took place in a barbecue restaurant in Ningxia, Yinchuan.

What did Chinese President Xi Jinping say?

The incident is being told just before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday on Wednesday. People were preparing for the festival, then there was a blast in the restaurant at 8.40 pm and many people got caught in it. The area where this incident took place has a large Muslim population. Expressing grief over the incident, Chinese President Xi Jinping has also requested to provide first aid to the injured. Along with this, he also said that there is a need to increase security in major industries and sectors.

Earlier, the news of a fire in a private plant of a Chinese company had also come to the fore. In this accident, 38 people were killed while two people were injured. Apart from this, two missing were also being told. The police suspected that the plant was intentionally set on fire under some conspiracy, after which the police had detained 7 people.

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