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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Bank Customer Care: 1 crore complaints come to banks every year, now RBI will make this big change

Complaining about banks in India is not an easy task, be it on the online platform or on the toll free customer care number. Despite this, about 10 million people complain about banks every year. This number is troubling RBI as well, so now everything is going to change.

Has it ever happened to you that you have to complain to the bank, you have called the customer care, and you press these numbers of the IVR system… you are stuck in a maze of numbers to press? This is very common because talking to an executive on the customer care number of banks means 'cooking Birbal's khichdi'. But very soon all this is going to change.

Actually, RBI had formed a committee last year to review the customer service standard of the units under it. The committee found that every year about 10 million people in India complain about banks or regulated institutions under the RBI. There has been no change in this number for the last 3 years. Now this committee has given some suggestions to improve the customer care service.

RBI committee's recommendations

The Review Committee of RBI has given several suggestions to improve the 'Customer Care Service' for the customers and to improve the system of sending complaints.

1. The committee suggests that an online system should be created for complaints of fraud, forgery in transactions. For this, an arrangement should be made on the 'Indian Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal' itself and people should be made aware about it.

2. In this service, an automatic alert e-mail should be sent to the victim's bank, beneficiary bank, card company, merchant, etc. So that they can prevent further messing with the victim's money.

3. As soon as the mail is received by the beneficiary bank, the amount should be blocked until the complaint transaction is properly verified.

4. Along with this, the committee has asked to make the service of customer care call centers easier. Banks and regulated entities should design customer care services where there is a dedicated IVR flow chart for each service.

5. At the same time, customers should be made aware about 'what to do' and 'what not to do' on the call.

6. On the other hand, if there is a call drop while talking to the customer care, then there must be an automatic call-back feature for the customers. Not only this, there should be an option to talk to 'Customer Care Executive' in every menu of IVR.

7. Apart from this, it has also been suggested to create a common complaint portal for all the institutions under RBI.

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