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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Apple iOS 17: Apple brought new operating system, now these 7 cool features will be available in iPhones

Apple iOS 17 Launched at Apple WWDC Event: Apple's new operating system has finally been introduced. The new software update will prove to be a game changer for iPhone users. know about it

Apple WWDC 2023: Apple has unveiled the features of iOS 17. New experience will be available for calling, Facetime and messaging in the new operating system. Along with this, the iPhone app has got a major upgrade. With this, users will be able to use the new Contact Poster feature with profile pictures, colored and customizable elements. This feature will also be available on contact cards.

Overall, the new OS update will give a completely new feel to iPhone users. The lockscreen and wallpaper of the phone can be adjusted in a better way. Let us know what Apple has brought with the new operating system update-

Video Voicemail with Facetime

In the new update, recorded messages can be shared on the surface of FaceTime. With this you will be able to record your clip and send it to others when you are not available for calls.

Stickers sport in messages

Last year, Apple brought the feature of selecting subjects from photos. Now in the new update, users will also be able to create stickers through pictures on iMessages.

It will be easy to share contact details

Along with airdrop, users will also get namedrop feature. With this, Apple users will be able to share contact details with the contact poster. For this you just have to bring one iPhone near the other iPhone.

Apple iOS 17 Features (Credit: Apple)

AI on the Apple Keyboard app

New features have been added to improve the keyboard in iOS 17. Apple will now use generative AI to improve auto correction . Along with this, users will also get in-line typing suggestions towards Gmail auto-complete.

Apple brings Journal app

Apple has announced the new Journal app. It uses on-device ML to give suggestions. It will also include the locations you have visited or the songs you have listened to or the pictures you have clicked for suggestion.

No need to say 'Hey Siri' anymore

Siri has also been upgraded in the new OS update. After installing it, users will not have to say 'Hey Siri' to give commands to Siri. You will be able to give commands to it just by saying Siri. Apart from this, work will be done without speaking to Siri for the next command.

New features added to Apple Map

Now Apple Map can also be used in offline mode like Google Map . Users can store the desired location offline.

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