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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Zeenat's charm at the age of 71, less followers on Instagram, still left Kareena-Alia behind like this

Even at the age of 71, Zeenat's charm is intact, despite having less followers on Instagram, she has left Kareena-Alia behind like this.

Talking about the actresses who rule Bollywood these days, the names of Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika and Priyanka come to mind. All of them rule Bollywood and the hearts of their fans. But if we say that today's famous actresses, the heroine Zeenat Aman , who made the fans crazy with her style in the 70's, has overshadowed her. Yes, in fact, Zeenat Aman, the queen of old films, is still alive today, Zeenat has gone ahead in terms of engagement rate compared to today's actresses on the popular social media platform Instagram.

According to a report, Zeenat Aman's Instagram engagement figure is much more than today's celebs. Not only this, let us tell you that Zeenat Aman made her debut on Instagram only 3 months ago. Having so much engagement in just three months is commendable.

Zeenat Taman's Instagram engagement

Nowadays people want to earn big money from Instagram, for which they make every effort to get a good reach on the social media platform Instagram, the hard work of many people pays off, while many people do not reach even after having an old account. According to the reports, if we talk about the reach of Zeenat Aman's Instagram, then Zeenat has 16.61 percent engagement rate even after having 260K followers. On the other hand, if we talk about the engagement rate of today's popular actresses, then Alia Bhatt, who has the maximum number of followers (77.1M) on Instagram, has an engagement rate of 2.68 percent only. Bollywood's Bebo Kareena Kapoor has an engagement rate of 5.68 percent even after having 10.4M followers.

What is engagement rate and how to check

Now you must be thinking that what is the engagement rate and how is it checked? Let us tell you that the engagement rate is a metric that is used to count the average number of interactions you get on your social media content. To check the engagement rate, the total number of interactions received on your content is divided by the number of total followers and multiplied by 100 percent. Apart from this, the engagement rate stops at a certain period or keeps on going up and down a little over time.

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