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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Will the wings of Jet Airways be cut off before taking off, why is such a discussion happening?

The eclipse that happened to Jet Airways in April 2019 has not yet descended. Last year, there were rumors of its new owner re-entering the market, but now it seems that the wings of Jet Airways will be cut before it can take off.

Jet Airways has not flown since April 2019. The bankrupt airline found a new owner in the form of Jalan Kalrock Consortium (JKC) and raised curiosity about its re-flying last year. But it seems that this dream of seeing Jet Airways again in the air will be shattered soon.

Actually Jet Airways has got Air Operator Permit from Aviation Regulator DGCA to start commercial flights. Its term is going to end on May 19, that is, the company had to start its flight service by this day, the chances of which are not visible at the moment.

Will the permit date be extended?

Sources have informed about this that JKC has not yet made any application to renew its AOP. Generally, about 1 month before the expiry of AOP license, companies have to apply for its extension. However, no official statement has been given by JKC regarding this.

What is AOP?

When an airline is fully prepared, it applies for AOP to the DGCA. DGCA officials oversee flight operations along with the cabin crew of the company. Only after this AOP is issued. This is in a way the last approval for any airlines to start their flight service.

Normally, airlines start commercial operation of flights within one to two months of getting the Air Operator Permit (AOP). Before this, they have to make arrangements for taking time slots, arranging ground handling, parking of aircrafts, maintenance and overhauling etc. After this the company starts booking flight tickets.

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