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Monday, May 8, 2023

Why draw 2 lines on a cheque, know what the RBI rule says

While giving a cheque, you should often take special care of some things. Let us know what the rule of RBI says to put 2 lines on the cheque.

If you also use checks for transactions, then this news can be of use to you. Often we use check but do not have complete information about it. In such a situation, many times we may have to face heavy losses due to this. You must also draw 2 lines in the corner while giving the cheque.

But, do you know what they mean? If not, then today we will tell you why you draw lines on the check and what will happen if you do not draw it. Somewhere your check will not bounce or the money may not go into the wrong hands. Today we will inform you about all such things.

Keep these things in mind while giving a check

While giving a cheque, we should take special care of some things. For example, the name, amount and other details of the person to whom the money has to be paid must be correct. Should not have done any kind of overwriting on the cheque. You have also signed correctly.

Why the line is drawn

It is very important to draw a line on a cheque. Along with the line, you are also required to write the account payee there or on the back of the cheque. This means that the amount written on the check goes directly to the customer's account. You cannot take it in cash after account pay. This amount will come in your bank account only.

On the other hand, if you do not want to take money in the account, then you can cross it and leave it blank. You do not need to write anything beyond this. You can take the money in cash by depositing this check in the bank.

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