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Friday, May 26, 2023

OMG! Woman miscarried after baby shower, friend said - return my gift

Shocking! A couple gave an expensive gift of $400 to their family friend at her baby shower. But a few days later there was a miscarriage. Now the friend is asking the woman to return the baby shower gift.

A woman became a victim of the anger of netizens on social media. It so happened that the woman asked a question on the social discussion forum Reddit, after reading which people got furious. The woman has written, 'My friend had a miscarriage. Now return the gift I gave you at the baby shower . The woman asked the people whether she did right by doing so? For this, netizens are now lashing out at the woman.

The woman wrote this post on Reddit's popular parenting forum, which has now gone viral. Along with lashing out at the woman, Reddit has sparked a debate on issues such as gift-giving etiquette, friendship and making fun of someone's traumatic experiences.

The woman has written in her post that the woman named Jane, whom she gifted, is her husband's long-time family friend. He further wrote, 'Jane and I are not friends at all. But when they are with each other, they become friendly.

The woman further said, 'When Jane became a mother for the first time, my husband had given her a very expensive gift in her baby shower. The cost of the gift will be around 300 dollars (about 25 thousand rupees). According to the woman, she had no problem with the expensive gift given by her husband.

After this Jane became pregnant again. This time the woman's husband gave her a gift worth $400. This is the only thing that upset the woman a lot. She told that a few weeks after the baby shower ceremony, Jane had a miscarriage. Now she wants Jane to return the gift given to her.

The woman argued behind this that since Jane's first child has grown up now, the gift given by her is no longer of any use to the first child. The woman says that people will definitely find this step awkward, but there is nothing wrong in it. However, after reading the post, the users took the class of the woman.

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