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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Not only horoscope, the bride and groom should also get health checkup done, otherwise this deadly disease can come in the child!

Due to thalassemia, the child's blood has to be changed every month. Due to this many types of problems arise. That's why the bride and groom should get their health checkup done before marriage.

Thalassemia:  Thalassemia is a genetic disease, which comes from parent to child. Because of this, the children suffer a lot and the parents remain worried. According to experts, it is not necessary that if the parents do not have this disease, then the child will also not have it. That's why preparation for better health of future children should be decided in advance. Doctors say that the way the bride and groom get their horoscopes matched before marriage, in the same way they should also get their health checked. So that any kind of disease like Thalassemia does not reach the next generation. 

What are the problems caused by Thalassemia disease?

The blood in our body is made up of two elements together. First- snow i.e. iron element and second- globin i.e. a type of protein. When a child has thalassemia, iron is not produced in his body and his blood becomes thin. Because of this, the development of the child stops and oxygen does not reach the rest of the body. In such a condition, the child has difficulty in breathing, fatigue and constant fever. To save the child from this problem, he needs repeated blood transfusions. The symptoms of this disease start appearing in the child only after 5 months of birth.

Thalassemia symptoms

Yellowing of the nails and tongue of the child.

Abnormal or swollen jaw and cheek of the child.

The child's growth stops and looks small for the age.

Baby's face being dry and not gaining weight.

Difficulty in breathing, frequent fever.

Thalassemia treatment

Doctors tell that if a child has thalassemia then it can be saved in two ways. First by giving him blood regularly and second through bone marrow transplant. As the age of the child increases, it starts needing blood. It is very difficult to arrange such a large amount of blood. Because of this, the child starts getting sick more. Due to repeated blood transfusion and taking medicines, the iron content in his body increases, due to which many of his organs can also stop working.

Check baby in womb

According to the doctor, if this disease comes in the child after marriage, then the whole life starts passing in trouble. That's why every parent should get a health checkup done before marriage. This will help in preventing Thalassemia. Babies growing in the womb should also be examined at the right time.

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