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Monday, May 15, 2023

'Mocha' is the name of a city in Yemen, how did the coffee business start here hundreds of years ago?

Along with Myanmar and Bangladesh, 'Mocha' cyclone is also wreaking havoc in two districts of West Bengal of India. But what is this 'mocha'? What does it mean? Who gave the name 'Mocha' to the cyclone? Read here the answers to such questions.

For the last few days, the 'Mocha' cyclone has created havoc in Myanmar and Bangladesh. It is estimated that about 20 lakh people have been affected by this. Lakhs of people have become homeless. Winds are blowing at a speed of about 200 to 250 kilometers per hour and there has been heavy destruction due to torrential rains. There has been damage in all the houses, shops and malls etc. What is this 'mocha' after all? And why this cyclone has been called 'Mocha'.

Actually, the names of cyclones around the world are kept on the suggestion of Regional Special Meteorological Centers (RSMC). RSMC and IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) together seal the names of cyclones. Naming is advised to 12 countries by IMD. These include Bangladesh, Myanmar, Yemen, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc.

Where is 'mocha'?

In fact, the name of this cyclone 'Mocha' has been said after the name of a city. It is known as a major city of Yemen. Mocha is also called Al-Mukha, Mokha or Mukha in Arabic. It is a Red Sea port in southwestern Yemen. It is a major trading center. From here big business of import-export takes place all over the world.

History of 'Mocha'

This city is famous for Muslim customs all over the world. It was established in the 14th century. This city was established by a person named Sheikh Shadili. Sheikh Shadili is the person who is believed to have started drinking coffee in Arabia.

From the 17th century, it was counted as an important trading center. Indian traders also started visiting here regularly. These merchants used to trade in Yemeni coffee. Later Egyptian traders also started coming here.

Famous as coffee center

'Mocha' is known as the coffee production center in the world. From the 15th century, coffee started being exported from here to European and Middle East markets. It has long been famous as the main coffee-exporting center of Arabia.

What does 'mocha' mean?

'Mocha' is interpreted differently around the world. But once common in every explanation is that it has been considered as a type of chocolate powder. This powder is mixed with milk or cream. It was called coffee.

'Mocha' refers to good quality coffee. Which is made from a specific coffee bean. Beans are produced from the plant species called Coffee Arabica. This type of coffee is grown only in Mocha, Yemen. The taste of mixture of coffee and chocolate is quite famous in this.

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