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Saturday, May 13, 2023

Linda Yacarino's path will not be easy, she will have to deal with these challenges of Twitter

After a lot of uproar in Twitter, new owner Elon Musk made Linda Yacarino the new CEO of the company. But Linda's road is not going to be so easy with the changing Twitter. Let's know what challenges they have to deal with...

When Twitter's new owner Elon Musk took charge of the company, Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal was among the first to lose his job. After the departure of Parag Agarwal of Indian origin, the company was looking for a new CEO. Now Elon Musk has entrusted this responsibility to Linda Yacarino. But his path is going to be difficult.

According to Elon Musk's tweet, Linda Yacarino will handle the company's business operations. While he himself will work as the Chief Technology Officer. He will handle the responsibilities related to software development, product etc.

Linda Yacarino has taken over the responsibility of Twitter at a time when a lot of changes are happening on the platform. That's why its rejuvenation is going to be very challenging for them.

1. Twitter has recently laid off people on a large scale for cost cutting. But this has had a significant impact on the company's operations. In such a situation, Linda will have to integrate the new technology with Elon Musk, so that the company's operations can be fixed. At the same time, Twitter will also have to pay attention to the hiring of new talent.

2 Linda's second problem can become Twitter Blue Subscription. The company started charging people for 'Blue Tick' in April itself. But when many big celebrities refused to give it, the company had to immediately change the policy and give this blue tick for free to people with 1 million i.e. 10 lakh followers. In such a situation, the challenge in front of Linda is to make Twitter Blue Subscription easy.

3. Another big challenge of Linda will be to increase the revenue of Twitter. Because the thought with which Twitter Blue Subscription was started. The company has not received that kind of response. Along with this, Linda will have the responsibility to improve the image of the platform due to retrenchment and frequent changes in blue subscription.

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