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Friday, May 19, 2023

Kathal A Jackfruit Mystery Review: 'Police looking for MLA's jackfruit', how much power is there in Sanya Malhotra's political satire? read review

Kathal A Jackfruit Mystery Full Review : Jackfruit is such a fruit that grows on the tree of every village, which is neither expensive like mango nor gives money like cashew. But read this review to know how entertaining the film made on it is.

Movie Name: Kathal - A Jackfruit Mystery

Director: Yashovardhan Mishra

Cast: Sanya Malhotra, Rajpal Yadav, Vijay Raaz

Release: Netflix

Rating : ** 1/2

Kathal A Jackfruit Mystery Review: The film Kathal - A Jackfruit Mystery has been streamed on Netflix. Rajpal Yadav , Anant Joshi, Vijay Raj, Vikram Pratap, Neha Saraf, Gurpal Singh are seen in the lead roles along with Sanya Malhotra in this film . Before watching the film, if you want to know how it is, then definitely read this review.

This is the story of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. Two jackfruits are stolen from the garden of an MLA living in Mathura. Two jackfruits of 15 kg each of Uncle Hong breed are stolen and then this MLA takes the entire police station on his head. A case under section 378 of the IPC is registered against the person who steals the jackfruit. Even after searching everywhere, when the jackfruit is not found, then the MLA threatens the police officer that if his jackfruit is not found, he will set the police station on fire.

Senior police officer (Rakesh Bedi) sub-inspector Mahima Basor (Sanya Malhotra) and her team are entrusted with the task of finding Jackfruit. A journalist (Rajpal Yadav) makes this whole matter a sensation. During this, it is revealed that the jackfruit might have been stolen by the gardener's daughter, but will Mahima Basor be able to find the jackfruit or will the case take a different turn, you will have to watch Jackfruit - The Mystery of Jackfruit on Netflix. .

Script and direction

Through Jackfruit - The Mystery of Jackfruit, Yashovardhan Mishra has tried to present a very entertaining story in satire style in front of the audience. It could have become a film giving a good and strong message on police administration and politics. But due to the inclusion of everything in a single story, the film seems boring at some places. Because whether it is cast politics or the attitude of the people towards the police officer named Mahima Basor, it has been shown in many films earlier also.

Talking about the script, some dialogues like 'We follow the Indian Penal Code but work under the Indian Political Code' are impressive. But at some places the film's connect with the audience breaks, in the last 25 minutes once again the film starts to look interesting. Although the climax of the film could have been more impressive.


Sanya Malhotra is remembered in the character of Mahima Basor, who lives in Mathura. Trying to balance between her duty and her boyfriend working under her, the patience to tolerate people's behavior despite being a police officer, the attitude of fighting against injustice has been presented by Sanya in a very brilliant way. The rest of the actors are also solid in their roles.

See why

If you want to watch a funny comedy film this weekend, then this film is for you. You can definitely watch this film to see the acting of Sanya Malhotra and the ruckus that will happen while solving the mystery of Jackfruit.

Why not see

Along with Jackfruit, many other films have been released on OTT. If you have high hopes from this film of Guneet Monga, then you can skip this film.

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