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Friday, May 5, 2023

Is this human or vampire? Eyes blackened, fake horns fitted, people get scared on seeing them!

Maria Jose Cristerna: A woman named Maria Jose Cristerna has made her look such that people get scared on seeing her. She has also got horns on her head and calls herself 'Vampire Woman'.

Maria Jose Cristerna: Some people's hobbies are also very strange , knowing about which people get confused. Some people are fond of getting tattoos done on the whole body, while some want a different look from humans. Recently, a person from Japan came into the limelight, who was obsessed with becoming a dog from a human being. In such a situation, he spent about 12 lakh rupees and fulfilled his hobby by becoming a dog. There are many people in the world with such strange hobbies . At present, one such woman is in discussion, whose hobby has surprised everyone.

Actually, the woman was fond of looking dreadful like a vampire, so she made so many changes in her body that now it has become difficult to recognize her. The woman's name is Maria Jose Cristerna . Maria, 46, is a resident of Brazil. She has become famous all over the world because of her peculiar look. Some people also know her by the name of 'Vampire Woman'. Even she calls herself by this name.

99 percent of the body is full of tattoos

According to reports, Maria says that she started getting tattoos on her body from the age of 14 and this process has not stopped till now. She has got tattoos done on 99 percent of her body. You will be surprised to know that he has also got tattoos done in his eyes. Because of that tattoo, his eyes have become completely black like a vampire. Apart from this, he has made many changes in his body.

Pays attention to the body

Maria has not only got modifications done in her hands, she has also got modifications done from tongue to cheeks, nose, eyebrows and forehead, so that her look can look different. Maria herself says that she has not done 5-10 but about 50 piercings on her whole body. Tattoo artist by profession, Maria says that she also pays a lot of attention to her body and keeps on doing gym.

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