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Saturday, May 6, 2023

If you are planning a child, then definitely do this test first, it will be of great benefit

Test before conceiving: Doctors tell that some tests should be done before planning a child. Many information is already known through these tests.

Test before conceiving: If you are also planning a child , then take care of many things before that. Doctors advise to do some tests before planning to conceive . With the help of test, there is a lot of help in planning pregnancy. Investigation can be done with the help of fertility expert and gynecologist. Doctors also advise not to smoke and eliminate alcohol consumption before planning a child.

Let us know from the doctors which tests should be done before planning pregnancy.

Senior Physician Dr. Ajay Kumar says that the couple should undergo a fertility test before planning a baby. With the help of this test, it can be known whether pregnancy can happen easily or not. This also gives information about the sperm count and the fertility of the woman. This test should be done by the couple. Getting a fertility test done helps a lot.

Hemoglobin test

Although normal people can also get hemoglobin test done, but it is very beneficial to get this test done before planning a child. If the level of hemoglobin is low in the couple, then the doctor suggests a diet, through which the level of hemoglobin can be corrected.

Thyroid test

Thyroid test is necessary for women. Through this test, information about the level of thyroid in the body is obtained. If thyroid disease is found in the test, then the doctor treats it through medicines. Apart from this, it is also advised to get kidney function test, liver function test and heart test done. Through these tests, information about liver, kidney and heart diseases is obtained. If there is any infection in the kidney, then it is known. Along with this, heart disease is also identified.

Egg freezing

Couples who want to plan a baby after the age of 30 should get egg freezing done. Through this, now you can get pregnant at the time you want a child. Egg freezing is very much in trend nowadays.

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