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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

How will 'Umeed' fulfill robot childless couples with IVF technology? full details

Who doesn't want a good child? Earlier IVF technology came for such childless people but now science has made a new invention in it. The needy couple can fulfill their wish of a child with the help of IVF technology with the help of robot.

This is a new miracle in the world of science and technology. Till now the robot was able to do many things in your house. He also used to collect intelligence, but scientists have now done a new feat by taking the help of robots even in the process of reproduction. Under the new IVF process, two girls have been born with the help of a robot.

This experiment of scientists is a new ray of hope for those parents who have no children. The machine that made this possible was designed by engineers from Barcelona. It is being considered as the new technological miracle of IVF i.e. In Vitro Fertilization . People in the world are shocked.

How did the robot become the father?

This story of becoming the father of a robot is from Barcelona . Scientists here have done a new experiment in IVF technology for reproduction with the help of robots. To do this, the robot took a small IVF injection and deposited the sperm cells into the woman's uterus.

For this, engineer Eduard Alba took a step forward. He used a tiny IVF needle carrying the sperm cells. Alba's courage is being appreciated.

This process has been made successful by the startup company Overture life . This new method of conception opens the door to a cheaper and more accessible method for women adopting IVF technology.

Success after 12 experiments

It has been told in the report that the robot was used for pregnancy more than a dozen times. The robot attempted to fertilize the eggs through an IVF needle. But success came after this and twin girls were born.

Every year around 5 lakh children are born with IVF technology all over the world. But it is estimated that the needy have to face a lot of expenses in adopting the prevalent IFV technology. In such a situation, the new IVF process of child birth through robot can prove to be convenient and less expensive.

At present, engineers are required to operate this IVF technology process. But there is no doubt that as the years roll by, it will be interesting to see how far the engineers at Overture Company take it.

Automated process possible in future

Presently this IVF technology process is undergoing experiments. It is likely to take time to make it universally accessible. But during this time a new information is coming out that in future the needy parents themselves will be able to conduct this process.

However, experts believe that much more research is needed before this technique of conceiving becomes common practice. By the way, Zev Williams, director of the Fertility Clinic of Columbia University, says that at present, humans are better than machines for pregnancy.

But there is no dearth of people who resort to IVF technology to overcome childlessness. Many can get a lot of help when new technology comes into vogue.

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