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Monday, May 15, 2023

How was the foundation of Infosys, Murthy got the first loan not from any bank

Infosys is one of the largest IT companies in the country, which was started by Narayan Murthy along with other co-founders in Mumbai in 1981.

Narayan Murthy, the founder of Infosys and this company, does not need any introduction, he built this software company with a lot of hard work and made it one of the best companies not only in the country but in the world. How was this company set up there? How was this company founded? Its story is also very interesting. In fact, the first loan was not received from any bank to set up this company, but it was received from a person with whom he is related for 7 births. Yes, it is none other than Narayana Murthy's wife Sudha Murthy herself, who gave loan to Narayana Murthy to lay the foundation of Infosys. Recently in The Kapil Sharma Show, he told this story in front of the whole country in a very interesting way.

Infosys was built on the loan taken by wife Sudha Murthy

Sudha Murthy told that Infosys was started in 1981. At that time he was living in a rented house in Bandra, Mumbai. One day Mr. Murthy came home and talked about opening a software company. Then I asked him where the money would come from, because we were from a very middle class family, it was a huge amount at that time. After that he gave me a speech about software revolution in the country. Then I asked him what should I do, then he said that I will not be able to earn for the next three years, so you will have to help me and earn and support me. Sudha Murthy then told that she had kept Rs 10,250 hidden from Murthy in a box. Out of that I gave him Rs 10,000 and Rs 250 for emergency. The ten thousand rupees that were given at that time have become a billion today.

Accounts are in our DNA

When the question came that Narayan Murthy returned that 10 thousand rupees or said that now everything is yours, then he also gave a very interesting answer. He said that before marriage we were Kulkarni and we know how to keep accounts very well. Account is in our DNA. I clearly told Narayan Murthy that whatever is yours, I will keep what is mine, but the account of Rs 10,000 is different. It became clear in all this conversation that the hard work put in by Narayan Murthy and his co-founders in laying the foundation of Infosys. Equal contribution has been made by Sudha Murthy as well. If Sudha Murthy had not given 10 thousand rupees to Narayan Murthy at that time and had not helped, then it would have been a bit difficult for Infosys to fall down.

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