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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Girlfriend fed her own partner a dish made from her own bone, then told the shocking reason

There are many people in the world who are ready to do anything for their love but there are many people who cheat with this trust. One such incident has come to the fore these days. Who has surprised the world.

It is said that love is blind and people are ready to do anything in love. For example, many times people get ready to do that work because of this. Which he has never done! There are many people who are vegetarian, but in the affair of love, they start eating non-veg so that their partner does not feel bad, but there are many people who feed anything to their partner in the name of this belief. A woman did the same. Knowing which you will also be stunned.

This shocking story of social media influencer Paula Gonu, who fed such a thing to her boyfriend, knowing about which you will be stunned. After this, the clarification given by the woman regarding this was even more surprising. Let us tell you that more than two lakh people follow the female influencer and when she shared the video and told people, then people said that it was necessary to do all this.

Served your soft bones

According to the report published in the English website Daily Star, 30-year-old Paula had recently had a knee operation. After this, Paula asked the doctor and requested to keep her cartilage ie some soft bones with her. For which at first the doctor objected, but when Paula insisted, the doctor agreed. After that she picked it up and brought it to her house and preserved it by keeping it in alcohol.

A few days later, when Paula's lover Arno came to visit her, she fed her boyfriend spaghetti with sauce and mixed her cartilage in it and served it to her partner. The surprising thing is that his partner was not aware of this, but he himself ate the dish along with his partner. By making a video of this, when he told that when bones of different parts of animals can be eaten then why not this?

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