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Saturday, May 6, 2023

Diamonds Ring: Utaria Ring studded with 50907 diamonds, created world record

Diamonds Ring: A jeweler from Mumbai has designed a very special ring. This ring is studded with approximately 50,097 diamonds. Let's know everything about it.

Diamonds Ring: Who does not want to wear a diamond ring. Many people are also often seen wearing diamond rings. Looking for more than one beautiful design of diamond ring. But have you ever seen a ring studded with 50,097? Well, you would hardly have thought of a ring studded with so many diamonds . Actually a similar ring has been prepared by a jeweler from Mumbai. This ring is very special. Around 50,097 diamonds are studded in it. Not only this, the name of the jeweler who made it has been included in the Guinness World Records.

This ring was prepared in March. This feat of H.K. Designed and made by Hari Krishna Exports Pvt Ltd. It has created a new Guinness World Record due to its beautiful design and superb craft.

This ring is made from recycled material. Butterfly is made on the top of this ring. It is made of all three colors. This includes Golden, White and Rose colours. The base of this ring is in flower design. Recycled gold has been used to make it. Really the beauty of this ring will fascinate you.

Ring weight

The gold ring has approx 460.55 gm weight. Its diamond has a weight of about 130.19 carats. On the other hand, if you know the value of this ring, then your senses will fly away. The cost of this ring is around 6.42 crores.

Name of this ring

The name of this ring is Utaria. It means being one with nature.

Time to make this ring

It took about nine months to make this ring. Many designers and workers have worked hard to make it. It took almost four months to make the design of this ring. Which was prepared from a computer. From this thing only you can guess how special this ring is. A butterfly is made on top of a diamond flower. Due to this the beauty of this ring has increased even more.

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