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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Brother simplicity not people! The man proposed to his girlfriend in a simple way, got trolled

Erica Murphy: A person living in America proposed his girlfriend for marriage in a very simple way, but people did not like his simplicity at all and trolled him.

Erica Murphy: Everyone has a different way of proposing their girlfriend . Some propose sitting on their knees and some propose in a unique way on the dinner table by taking them to a restaurant. At the same time, there are many people who take their girlfriends for a walk and there they express their love with the ring and ask for lifelong support. Usually people like the flamboyant and unique way of proposing, but nowadays a person has come into the limelight for his simple way of proposing. However, seeing this method, people have started trolling him.

The name of the girl who was proposed by the man is being told as Erica Murphy . She is a resident of America and works in a news channel in Atlanta. According to the report of Daily Star, recently she shared a picture on her social media platform Twitter and told that her boyfriend proposed her and the way he proposed was completely different. In such a situation, she could not stop herself from telling this method of proposal to the world.

Erica told that she and her boyfriend have been together for a year. When she was leaving for office in the morning, she found a diamond ring in the bathroom, which was kept by her boyfriend, and there was also a small emerald, on which was written in childish handwriting, 'Will you marry me? Will you marry'.

Erica told that she has accepted the proposal, but people on social media did not like the way her boyfriend proposed. People have started trolling her boyfriend. Someone is saying that who proposes to his girlfriend by tearing a page from the copy like this and writing a note on it, then it is being said that Erica would hardly have thought that her boyfriend would propose in this way.

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