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Monday, May 8, 2023

Blue Tick Fraud: Do not trust the blue tick profile of Facebook-Insta! Fraud happening like this

Nowadays a new fraud is going on on Facebook. In this, money is being looted from people through blue tick profiles. You too can be a victim of this scam.

FaceBook Blue Tick Fraud : What do you think of seeing blue tick profiles on Facebook and Instagram ? Not only that such-and-such a person or account is a well-known thing and can be trusted. If so, then you may be a victim of a big scam.

Now stop blindly trusting the account with blue tick , because there can be scammers behind it. Scammers have found a new way of fraud on Facebook. Fraudsters are getting their fake account verified by some trick or the other and people are being cheated through this.

Fake blue tick profile

At present, Blue Tick of Meta, Facebook and Instagram is being given to Indian users for free. Its paid subscription service has started for the users of only a few countries and now this feature is in the testing phase. Users in India can get Blue Tick by sharing the authentic link of their work. But scammers are taking advantage of this.

Many such screenshots have come to the fore, in which a random Facebook profile has got a blue tick. Not only this, some of these claim to be the official page of Meta. Users consider such profiles as genuine. In return, they incur losses by clicking on the shared links of these fake profiles. Due to this, both the personal details and money of the users can be stolen.

Burglary in the name of safety

In these cases, scammers give safety warnings to the users. Users are misled that their account is not safe. After this, they are asked to download some third party tools to increase the security. By seeing the verified mark, the users fall in the trap of these fake profiles. At the same time, instead of downloading this third party app, they are cheated. Also, malware is also present in these apps.

Let us tell you that at the moment it is not clear that in what ways the scammers are getting blue ticks. It is also possible that the verified account is being hacked.

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