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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Applying too much henna in hair? Hair will become dry lifeless, there will be 4 disadvantages, apply in this way

Side Effects of Mehndi:
Many people use henna in hair care, but there are many people who keep applying henna every ten days. Using it excessively can damage the hair. Know, what are the side effects you can get by applying more henna.

Applying henna excessively increases the dryness of the hair.

Using too much henna in the hair also leads to hair breakage.

Side Effects of Mehndi: To take special care of hair, many people apply henna to their hair, but there are many people who use henna excessively. While excessive use of anything does not give good results. Please tell that excessive use of henna can also be harmful for hair.

Your hair may look silky and shiny immediately after applying henna, but henna works to increase dryness in the hair. Actually, mehndi contains a dye named Lawson, which is a type of keratin. It helps in giving protein to the hair as well as works to make the outer layer of the hair follicles, but it also makes the hair excessively dry. Not only this, applying henna can also cause many other problems.

Hair texture can be bad,

the problem of rough and dry hair and early breakage can also be caused by excessive use of henna. Actually, by applying henna, the texture of the hair starts deteriorating, due to which the problem of roughness and breakage of the hair starts coming to the fore.

The color of the hair may deteriorate

by applying henna to black hair, the hair naturally looks maroon, but many people use henna to color white hair. In such a situation, henna does not give black or brown color to the hair and makes it orange, when lightened, the hair looks very bad and artificial.

Apply henna in the right way,

instead of applying henna too many times and for a long time, it is better to apply henna once in a month.

Not only this, it is best to keep the time for applying henna between forty to fifty minutes only. You must also use hair mask after mehndi. 

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