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Saturday, April 22, 2023

These are the 3 main reasons for quarrels between husband and wife. Most of the couples are worried for these.

Relationship: Small quarrels keep happening between every couple. Because where there is love, there will be fights. But do you know that most of the world's couples fight especially on which 3 things?

Couple Fights: Couple should never be too worried about their mutual quarrels. However, every time the situations are not very normal. But before bringing any negative thoughts in your mind, you must remember that you can talk to anyone in the world with love and laughter. But can't quarrel with everyone! That is, in life, you quarrel with that person, on whom you consider yourself the most entitled, from whom you expect a lot and whom you love the most. This is the reason, sometimes on small and sometimes on some big issue, there is often a tussle between the couples. Here we are telling you about those three issues on which couples around the world quarrel the most…

1. Dispute over money or earnings

This may sound strange, but most of the fights between couples are about money. This fight can be related to money management and can also be related to money crises. Females who are not earning persons, if they do not get money according to their requirement or do not get the freedom to spend money, then this also becomes a reason for quarrels between couples.

2. Disagreement over bedroom life

It may be hard to believe. But sex is a big issue among the three special issues on which most of the couples of the world have the most differences. The reason for this is not being able to understand each other's likes and dislikes properly. Do not take care of your partner's wishes. Or impose your will.

3. Quarrels over children

Parenting is a tough job. As easy as it is to be a parent, the more difficult it is to raise a child. Nowadays, most of the women are also professionally active, in such a situation, they also have the responsibility of their work. That's why it is not possible alone to take care of the child's responsibility, take care of his needs, plan for his future, fulfill his daily demands, emotional needs etc. In such a situation, the couple fight starts. Even for women who are homemakers, it is not easy to take care of every need of the child along with household chores. That's why child rearing becomes an important issue of couple fight.

What are the solutions for couple fight?

The best solution for couple fight on all these three issues is communication. That is, mutual conversation.

Husband and wife should listen to each other with a cool mind and understand the problem without getting angry.

After this both together find the middle way. It is not necessary that this solution will come out in one go. That's why you talk about this at different times.

If even after several attempts, there is no consensus between you, then you should take the help of a couple counselor. Believe me, they will change your perspective of looking at life and these challenges.

As far as issues related to bedroom life are concerned, you have to respect your partner's emotions. If both understand each other's likes and dislikes then everything will be fine.

Disclaimer: For problems related to relationship, you must take the advice of a counselor, psychiatrist or related expert.

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