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Monday, April 3, 2023

Taking the Contraceptive Pill can kill! This woman told a scary story

Contraceptive Pill:
At present, a large number of contraceptive pills are being used. But do you know that there is also a risk of death due to this.

Contraceptive Pill: To avoid unwanted pregnancy, women resort to contraceptive pill. Birth control pill undoubtedly prevents pregnancy but it is very harmful for our body. That's why these pills should not be taken without doctor's advice. Such a shocking case has come to the fore in Britain, after reading about which you will not even believe. Here a 25-year-old woman used to lose her life because of the contraceptive pill. A few weeks after taking an oral contraceptive, a woman named Holly McComish suffered a life-threatening stroke.

According to the report of The Sun , this woman had taken a contraceptive pill named Microgynon 30. This woman, a theater producer by profession, told that it felt as if she was trapped in her own body. She was feeling that now she is about to die.

Blurred vision

This woman told that she was looking fit and healthy but during a meeting in the month of October 2021, she suddenly collapsed. She started seeing blurred and she was not able to speak anything. But in the meantime someone noticed my condition and immediately called an ambulance. The woman told that two months before this, the doctor had given her a contraceptive pill on a phone call. However, the doctor did not tell its side effects nor asked him any questions.

Woman got depression

First of all, this woman started showing symptoms of depression. Till then everything was fine. But gradually the woman started getting headache and lethargy. Holly McComish felt that these were all normal things. But after a few months, he got a mini stroke. Mini stroke occurs when our brain has difficulty in reaching blood temporarily, due to which blood clots start happening.

The doctors advised her not to take the contraceptive pill immediately. After which this woman was given medicine to thin the blood. He was told that blood clots had reached the brain due to a hole in the heart. After which the woman underwent surgery and now she is absolutely fine.

What are birth control pills

Please tell that they are prepared by mixing estrogen and progestin. These hormones prevent the brain from releasing luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone, which prevents pregnancy.

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