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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

People will be shocked to see the final list of guests attending King Charles's coronation

King Charles is going to be crowned on the coming 6th May. Preparations have been going on for several months regarding this. Many heads of state have also been invited. But there is a guest in this whom no one would have thought that he would be included.

The royal family of Britain is always in the headlines. Sometimes webseries are made on this and sometimes books were written. Those close to the royal family wrote many books. A day ago, the name of former US President Donald Trump was in discussion. Actually, one of his books is going to be launched. There is also a 1995 letter in this book, which was sent to Trump in 1995 by a member of the royal family. Now the Royal Family is in discussion because King Charles is to be crowned on 6th May. Now who will be involved in this is also a matter of discussion.

It is being said that this time when King Charles will be coronated, you will be shocked to see the guests. Prince Harry can also be seen in it. Although he lives separately from his family and does not have any special contact with them. When his book Spare came in the market, there was a storm.

Many revelations in it were about the Raj family. Reports came that after this book, the relationship between the royal family and Prince Harry deteriorated further. Now it is being said that an invitation has been sent to Prince Harry, he will also attend it but will sit completely apart from the members of the royal family.

Andrew Parker will join

There is also big news about Queen Consort Camilla. A report in Daily Mail said that there is every chance of Camilla's ex-husband Andrew Parker attending the ceremony. According to sources, an invitation has also been sent to him. The coronation of King Charles is going to take place on 6th May.

The relationship was of 22 years

The couple, married for 22 years, has two grown children and five grandchildren. Former Tory minister Nadine Dorries said she was overjoyed when she heard Andrew was attending the coronation. He said that it is a proud moment for Andrew to be involved in this historic occasion.

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