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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Bizarre! Woman gets her tongue cut off, claims sex life has improved

Amber Lane: A woman has shocked people by making a strange disclosure. The woman claims that she has recently got her tongue cut. Due to this his old pains have gone away.

An American woman is very popular on social media these days. Actually, the reason is such that after knowing about it, you will also be thinking. This woman has revealed that she recently got her tongue cut in two. Now people are stunned to know about the strange act of this woman. At the same time, the logic given by the woman behind doing this is even more shocking.

Amber Lane, 43, is a retired paralegal from California. He was declared disabled in the year 2014 after several health related problems. Amber also suffers from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Due to this disease, they have to face terrible pain. Meanwhile, Amber took such a step, knowing about which everyone was stunned.

See here, the picture after cutting the tongue

In a conversation with Dailystar, Amber told that he decided to get his tongue cut to deal with the unbearable pain in the body. He said, 'Initially I tried to pierce my tongue. Later saw a picture of a person whose tongue was split in two. Amber says that he fell in love after seeing this. Then what was left. He also got his tongue cut off.

Amber claims that after getting his tongue cut, he got relief from the unbearable pain in his body. Not only this, he also says that due to the cut tongue, sex life has also improved. The woman also told that due to several diseases, the doctors had removed her pancreas. Due to this operation, the taste of the tongue was completely lost. According to Amber, his taste has also returned after his tongue was cut. Doctors are also surprised by his claim.

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