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Monday, March 13, 2023

Woman lost both legs, hands turned black…flu-like symptoms ruined her life

A 44-year-old woman had to lose both her legs after she developed symptoms of cold and flu. Not only this, his hands have turned black and his condition is continuously getting worse.

New Delhi: Common cold is generally ignored by most of the people. But hearing what happened to a 44-year-old woman after the symptoms of cold and cold came to the fore, anyone would get goosebumps. Juliana Bransden is fighting for her life in bed today. Both his legs have been amputated and his hands have turned black. Her life has been ruined and she is suffering from sepsis in the hospital.

Juliana Bransden, a mother of two, was celebrating her first Christmas after the Corona epidemic. During this his entire family was present there. She celebrated Christmas in the same way as she used to celebrate with pomp before the Corona epidemic. Primary school teacher Juliana did not know that she was celebrating this festival by standing on her feet for the last time.

Symptoms of cold and flu seen on New Year

Juliana got the news that her aunt living in Northern Ireland had died. After this news, in the beginning of the new year itself, he saw some symptoms of cold and cold. Initially, he ignored it, but after that his health deteriorated rapidly. His condition worsened on the first day of the new year. Gradually she was unable to move from the bed. Earlier the doctors only advised him to rest because he too was feeling like it was cold and fever.

When the condition worsened, the husband called an ambulance.

Juliana's husband called 111 and called an ambulance when his wife's condition did not improve. Doctors told Lancelive that Julianna's body was deteriorating and she concealed how serious her condition was. One to two hours after Juliana was admitted to the hospital, Juliana's mother got a call from the hospital and she was told that sepsis had developed in her body and she needed to be put on a ventilator. After this, Juliana spent 66 days in the hospital.

Fingers had to be amputated along with feet

Due to sepsis shock, Juliana's body has been badly affected. He had to undergo surgery in ICU. Where both his legs had to be amputated till the knees. Despite this, his hands are turning black. Due to sepsis, later on she will lose her fingers as well.

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