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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Why was the German Foreign Minister not welcomed at the airport in India? The reason came out after the dispute

German Foreign Minister: Recently, when German Foreign Minister Annalena Barebock came on a tour of India, she was not welcomed at Delhi airport while getting off the plane, due to which there was a controversy on social media.

New Delhi: Recently there was a meeting of G20 Foreign Ministers in Delhi , in which German Foreign Minister Annalena Bierbock also participated, but a controversy broke out on social media regarding her. When his plane landed in Delhi, when no one was present there to welcome him. Its video became very viral on social media . German Ambassador to India Philipp Ackermann has given clarification about this . They say that Annalena Barebock's plane had landed prematurely in Delhi.

He said that Barebock was asked to stay on the plane, but he decided to come out and by then no one had arrived to welcome him. This was entirely Germany's problem. Ackerman described the Indian protocol as excellent.

Along with this, it was also said that she was the first foreign minister to reach Delhi for the G20 meeting. We had to send her to the conference center and she was in a bit of a hurry, so the German officials asked her to wait on the plane for a while. He had breakfast and then suddenly decided to come out of the plane. Till then the receiving line could not be established. But this was entirely Germany's problem.

He said that it has nothing to do with Indian protocol. I can say again and again that the Indian protocol during this period was excellent. Annalena Bareback exits the plane. You must have seen in the videos going on social media that she comes laughing. He had a great time. He himself thought it was funny. We got a wonderful welcome. She is not a person to show off, so this small thing did not matter to her.

It can be seen in the video going viral that the way a leader of another country is welcomed, he was not welcomed. She comes out and officials from India and Germany reach her at a short distance. During this she remains quite comfortable.

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