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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Why are women getting their breasts reduced? 15000 women got breast reduction surgery done in a year

Breast Reduction Surgery: Some girls undergo various types of surgeries to enhance their beauty and confidence. In these surgeries, mainly women opt for breast implants surgery. Let us tell you that, in this episode, a shocking information has come to the fore. Actually in 2021, 15000 women in India have done breast implant surgery.

Women forced to reduce breast

He has to go through severe physical and psychological problems due to Best Implants surgery. According to Export, Indian women are forced to reduce their heavy breasts due to serious physical and psychological problems. Currently, the number of women getting breast implants has doubled.

face many problems

In December 2022, a 31-year-old corporate lawyer got this surgery done. She told that since 15 years she was thinking of reducing her breast size. She says that she had to face many problems due to her heavy breasts. Her confidence was so low that she would even go swimming in the swimming pool when no one was around. She says that she used to feel very uncomfortable due to the large breast size.

Expert said this

On this problem, Juhu's plastic surgeon Dr. Devyani Barve says, 'In the last five years, I have doubled the number of breast reduction surgeries as compared to breast lift surgeries in my practice.' On the other hand, Dr. Anil Tibrewala said that in the last three years the demand for breast reduction surgery and breast lift surgery has increased a lot. He attributes this to two factors. They say that the average size of breasts in India is bigger than in France. Apart from this, in India, if a 17-year-old girl feels uncomfortable with heavy breasts, then her parents easily agree to breast reduction surgery.

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