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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Want to get rid of these hair problems? Apply this grandmother's oil, mix fenugreek and prepare it like this

Hair Care Tips:
Many people use fenugreek in hair care. But do you know that with the help of some things with fenugreek, you can easily overcome all hair problems. Let us tell you that by making homemade fenugreek hair oil at home, you can make hair long, thick, strong and naturally black.

Homemade hair oil made from fenugreek helps in retaining the moisture of the hair.

You can get rid of the problem of white hair by applying fenugreek oil.

Hair Care Tips:  The side effects of the changing season are also clearly visible on the hair. Because of which many hair problems become common. However, if you want to get rid of hair problems completely. So trying grandma's recipe oil (Methi hair oil) can prove to be the best option for you. You can easily prepare this oil at home with the help of fenugreek.

To keep hair healthy, most people prefer oiling in hair care. But the chemical based hair oils available in the market work to trigger hair problems. That's why we are going to tell you the tips to make hair oil from fenugreek at home, with the help of which you can say goodbye to all hair problems.

Ingredients for making fenugreek hair oil:

To make homemade fenugreek oil, half a bowl of fenugreek seeds, coconut oil, 3-4 teaspoons aloe vera gel, 5 teaspoons fennel seeds, 10-12 curry leaves, 10-12 neem leaves, 10-12 basil leaves Take leaves, 5-6 hibiscus flowers, 3-4 cloves and 1 small size onion.

Method of making fenugreek hair oil

To make fenugreek oil at home, wrap fenugreek seeds in a cloth and soak them in water. After 3 days, when sprouts appear, dry the fenugreek seeds in the sun. Now add fennel to it and grind it in the mixture to make powder. After this, heat water in a big pot. Now pour coconut oil in a small vessel and place it in the center of the vessel. After this add fenugreek seeds powder and onion in the oil and cook. Then add curry leaves, basil, neem leaves and cloves to it. After cooking for 2 minutes, mix hibiscus flower and aloe vera gel in it. After cooking for 15-20 minutes, cool it and fill it in a container. Now apply this oil in hair 2 hours before bath. Let us know the benefits of applying it.

Moisture will remain intact

Fenugreek oil rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal elements helps in maintaining the moisture of the hair. Due to this, you also reduce the risk of scalp infection.

The solution for gray hair:

Fenugreek present in fenugreek oil helps in getting rid of gray hair and making the hair naturally black. Along with this, hair growth of hair also starts happening rapidly.

Hair fall will be controlled

Applying fenugreek oil makes hair strong from the root. With which you can control hair fall to a great extent. In this way your hair starts looking long, thick and soft.

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