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Saturday, March 18, 2023

If you want to switch from sanitary pads to Menstrual Cup, then follow these 5 steps

Menstrual Cup Use:
If you are thinking of switching to menstrual cup then you can also follow the steps given here. With this you will be able to easily insert the menstrual cup.

Menstrual Cup Use: Many women use menstrual cups during periods . They are also environment friendly. It is a great alternative to sanitary pads. Things like rubber and silicone are used to make menstrual cups. It is small in size. It is very flexible. Its size is in cups. You can use it many times. It is inserted in the vagina.

Many women think about using it, but ignore it every time due to lack of proper knowledge of using it. Or feel uncomfortable using it. In such a situation, here is how to use and remove it. You can also follow these steps.

How to use menstrual cup

First of all, clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Apply water on the cup rim. Apart from this, you can also use any other water-based lubricant.

Turn rim face up. After this fold the menstrual cup in half. This will enable it to be inserted easily.

Insert this cup like a tampon. This cup should be below a few inches of the cervix.

When it goes to the insert in the vagina, then rotate it. This opens it up to form an airtight seal. This prevents blood from coming out.

How to take out menstrual cup

Wash hands thoroughly before removing it.

While taking it out, keep your index finger and thumb in the vagina. After this, gently pull the body of the cup. Do this till you reach the base.

You have to pinch the base to release the seal. After this, pull the cup down.

Empty the cup after taking it out. Wash it well and dry it. After this you can use it again.

You can use it again as well.

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