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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Holi 2023: Apart from India, Holi is celebrated in these countries also, see the complete list


Holi Festival In World: Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated with great pomp in India. On this day colorful faces of people are seen, Abir Gulal is seen flying in the air. On this occasion, people wish each other by applying color and feeding sweets and hugging each other. After playing Holi in many places in the country, there is also a tradition of going to each other's homes to wish Holi. The festival of Holi is celebrated with great pomp in India, but do you know that apart from India, there are many countries where Holi is celebrated with great joy.

So let's know in which countries this festival of colors is celebrated with enthusiasm like India.


A festival like Holi is celebrated in Australia too, but unlike India, here the festival of colors is celebrated only once in every two years. The Watermelon Festival takes place in Australia in the month of February. Like its name, watermelon is used in this festival, people throw watermelon at each other and have fun.

south africa

South Africa is also included in those countries where the festival of colors is celebrated with great pomp. Here too Holi is lit, colors are played and Holi songs are sung. Actually, people of the Indian community living in Africa celebrate this festival with pomp. People of Gujarati community live in the African country who work to make this Holi alive.

America's Holi

Holi in America is known as 'Festival of Colors' and it is influenced by Indian Holi. During this festival, people throw colored powder and other colors on each other and sing and dance with each other. Apart from this, there is also a mud festival which is celebrated every year. Although this festival was started for children, but with time, elders also started becoming a part of it and it became famous.


Holi in Thailand is known as "Songkran" and this festival is celebrated in the month of April. Along with playing with colors, people throw cold water on each other. Thailand's Songkran is also known as War Splashing Festival. This is a festival celebrating the Buddhist New Year.

Holi in Germany

The Water Fight Festival is organized every year in Oberbaumbruck, Germany. This is one of the most fun and major festivals celebrated in Germany. During this summer fest, people face each other and engage in a massive water fight on the Oberbaumbrücke bridge.

Holi in England

Cheese Rolling and Wake Festival is celebrated in Coopers Hill, UK, which happens every year. The tradition of Cheese Rolling Festival is said to be more than 200 years old but its origin is questioned. Although many people believe that it is a festival to end winter and welcome new crops.

Italy's Holi

A festival like Holi is celebrated here. It started after the war between Portugal, France and Spain over oranges. Now it has been turned into a fun festival where people throw oranges at each other. People split into two groups and rain oranges on each other.

holly in spain

In northern Spain, people throw wine at each other. The wine festival takes place every year in the city of Haro in the province of La Rioja. Every year on June 29, people do wine drinking competition. After this competition, they also throw wine at each other. At the same time, every year in March in the city of Valencia, this festival is celebrated in the name of Fire Night and fireworks floats are taken out with bull fight. Also, on the last Saturday of August, people play Holi by throwing tomatoes at each other, which is called La Tomatina.

Holi in New Zealand

A festival called Wanaka is celebrated in New Zealand. There is a trend to celebrate this festival of colors every year in different cities of New Zealand. On this day, children, old and young people of the city gather in a park. There a competition of painting on each other's body is organized. There is also a program of dancing and singing in the night. This festival is celebrated for 6 days.

Holi of Japan

In Japan, this festival is celebrated in the month of March-April. There is also a special reason behind celebrating this month. At this time it is time for the cherry tree to blossom and people greet each other by sitting in the cherry orchards with their families. People welcome everyone with flower petals falling from the trees. It is also customary to eat special food and sing and dance on this whole day long festival.

Italy's Holi

In Italy also there is a festival similar to Holi of India, which is called Orange Battle. It is celebrated in January. People going to this festival do not color each other, but throw oranges like Holi in Spain and soak each other with orange juice.

Peru and Mauritius

In Peru's five-day long Incan Festival, people in colorful costumes roam in groups throughout the city. Starting from the day of Basant Panchami in Mauritius, Holi is organized for about 40 days. People shower colors on each other. Like in India, Holika Dahan is also done here.

Apart from this, people of India leave the country and live in different corners of the world. The major festivals of the country are celebrated with great enthusiasm in the countries where Indians live.

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