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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Brain Cancer: Do not ignore head injury, there may be a risk of brain cancer, know every important thing

Health: The risk of getting tumor from mature cells of our brain like astrocytes is very less. However, according to research, astrocytes can recapture stem cell behavior after injury.

Brain Cancer:  Head injury can take the form of brain cancer. This has been revealed in a research. A head injury sometimes turns into a brain tumor. Which is called glioma. News has been published in a magazine named Current Biology, in which it has been told that the risk of brain cancer is four times more in such people, who had a head injury. That's why head injury should never be ignored and should go to the doctor in time. Let's know what this research says. 

Head injury can become cancer

Research suggests that mutations in certain genes correlate with inflammation of the brain, which occurs after injury. As the age increases, along with the natural process, the risk of cancer also increases. Researchers at University College London (UCL) said that the risk of brain cancer is less than 1 percent. Even after getting hurt, its risk is slight.

Injury causes brain cancer

Professor Simona Parinello of UCL's Cancer Institute told that, in the research done by him, it has been found that head injury can become brain cancer. Actually, there are many mutations in the tissues, which do not have any major effect, but if there is a head injury after the mutation, then it can have a serious effect.

More than 20,000 people involved in research

According to what was found in this research, genetic mutations working together with inflammation of brain tissues change the behavior of cells, which increases the risk of cancer. After testing on rats, it was confirmed in humans. In this research, electronic medical records of more than 20,000 people were examined, who had suffered a head injury at one time or another.

Risk increases with age

Research suggests that basal inflammation is less in a young brain. This is the reason that even after severe brain injury, the mutation remains in a range, but as the age increases, inflammation increases in the whole brain. It is more in the place of injury. If it reaches a certain limit, a mutation called Perinello begins to appear. Gioma is a brain tumor that originates in stem cells. 

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