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Saturday, February 4, 2023

VIDEO: Rope broken during bungee jumping, users scream after seeing what happened!

Doing extreme adventure activities like bungee jumping is not for everyone. For this one should have guts, but sometimes in this game, accidents happen even with the guts. One such video is also in discussion these days. Where the woman's rope breaks during bungee jumping.

Nowadays scuba diving, sky diving, boating, rafting and cliff jumping are in trend. A large number of tourists go on adventure trips . So they definitely enjoy all these things and share their videos on their social media so that they remember their adventure trip, but many times it happens that the fun turns into an accident and when their videos come on the internet. If there is, people are surprised. One such video is in discussion among people these days. In which a woman became fond of bungee jumping.

In the video going viral, you can see that a woman prepares for bungee jumping from a height of hundreds of feet, the woman was doing bungee jumping to fulfill her hobby of adventure, but she did not know that the next moment she would be with her. What is going to happen. Helpers tie a rope to his feet. Apart from this, a river is visible in the clip. Meanwhile, a man comes and pushes the woman and the woman goes downstairs.

watch video here

When the woman is falling down, an accident happens with her and the bungee jumping rope breaks in the middle and the woman falls directly into the water. Seeing this clip, it is difficult to say that how much the woman got hurt, but it is clear that after falling from such a height, the chances of survival of the woman are negligible. This video is a lesson for those people who think of doing this adventure sport without thinking.

This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named Vicious Videos. Till the time of writing this news, more than 12 lakh people have seen it and are commenting that how surprising this video is. One user wrote, 'It is almost impossible for a woman to survive.' At the same time, another user wrote, 'Really this video is quite scary.' Apart from this, many other people are giving their feedback by commenting on this.

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