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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Valentine Week 2023: When is Kiss Day and why celebrate this day, know everything here

When is Kiss Day: Valentine's Week has started. Many special days are celebrated from 7 February to 14 February. One of these special days is Kiss Day. Know when and why Kiss Day is celebrated.

Valentine's Week is a love festival lasting for seven days.

Meanwhile, Kiss Day is also celebrated on 13 February.

In Valentine's Week, there are many such days and occasions for those in love, in which they are able to express their feelings towards each other, hidden feelings and love. This whole week, couples, lovers from all over the world celebrate by expressing their love towards that person, by praising them, whom they love very much. On Valentine's Day week, people also give many types of gifts like chocolate, teddy, flowers, jewellery, cards etc. to express their affection towards their partner. This series of Valentine's Week continues for 7 days. Many days come from 7th to 14th, in which Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day and then Kiss Day is celebrated on 13th February. Lastly, people celebrate Valentine's Day (14 February).

When is Kiss Day?

Kiss day is on 13th of Valentine's week. On Kiss Day, lovers, married couples kiss each other lovingly to express their feelings. Those whose proposal has been accepted on the day of Propose Day, they can kiss their love without hesitation on Kiss Day. To express love towards your partner, you can express your love by kissing them on the hands, forehead, cheeks. In this way lover-girlfriend, married couples express their undying love towards each other.

Why celebrate Kiss Day?

Every loving couple celebrates Kiss Day on 13th February. It is said that kissing each other with love on this day deepens the love even more. A loving kiss works to increase mutual love and respect. Kiss is very important in life. This is such a touch, which can reduce sorrows. Kissing a sad and troubled person on the forehead with love and hugging him, then his sorrows can be reduced. Kiss is said to be a better and easier way to express love. Through which you can convey your feelings to your loved one very lovingly.

History of Kiss Day

It is said that in the 6th century in France, people used to dance with each other to express their love and kiss when the dance was over. It is also said that kissing started in Russia while taking vows during marriage. At the same time, the tradition of kissing each other started at the time of greeting in Rome. In this way, through whom this process of expressing one's feelings gradually started all over the world.

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