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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Traditional Dishes: If you are in Madhya Pradesh then you must try these famous traditional dishes

If you have gone to visit Madhya Pradesh, then you should also enjoy some traditional dishes here. These dishes are very famous. Along with this, they are also very tasty.

Madhya Pradesh, which is called the heart of the country, is also famous for many delicious dishes. Tourists can not only enjoy visiting the beautiful lake, historical building and other tourist places here. Rather, you can also enjoy delicious and famous dishes. Whether you are a non-veg or a vegetarian, you can enjoy everyone's dishes here. If you are going to visit Madhya Pradesh, then you must enjoy the traditional dishes here.

You will see the influence of Mughlai cuisine and neighboring states in the cuisine of Madhya Pradesh. Enjoying these delicious dishes in Madhya Pradesh will double the fun of your trip. Let us know which traditional dishes you can enjoy here.

Corn grits

This is unique, healthy and tasty dish of Madhya Pradesh. Milk, corn kernels and coconut etc. are used to make it. It is very creamy. You can enjoy this dish in evening breakfast. It is very easy to make. Can eat it with tea or coffee. Bhutte Ki Khees is a popular street food of Madhya Pradesh.

Dahi bhalla

Dahi Bhalla is a popular dish for vegetarians. It is influenced by the famous Rajasthani dish Dal Baati. To make it balls of wheat flour are made. It is fried in ghee. It is served with coriander chutney, lentils and pickles. Really it is very tasty.

Seekh Kebab

You must also try Seekh Kebab in Madhya Pradesh. This is a famous non-vegetarian dish of the state. It is served with chutney, sauce and onions. This dish is very tasty.

Mill grass

This dish is influenced by the red meat of Rajasthan. This dish is very spicy. This dish is served as a side dish. Curd is also served with it. You can make this dish on many special occasions.

Meat Korma

If you are fond of eating vegetarian, then you must enjoy meat korma. This is a famous dish of Nawabi cuisine. It is served with rice, butter naan and salad etc.

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