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Friday, February 3, 2023

School children were dancing on the road…guest worker interrupted and killed, 7 arrested

A sensational case has come to light from Chennai. Here school children beat a guest worker to death. In this case, 9 including seven children have been arrested.

Seven school children have been arrested for the murder of a guest worker in Chennai . All children are below 16 years of age. These school children beat to death a person who had come to work from outside. After this, the person was rushed to the hospital in an injured condition, where he died. The incident is of Selva Nagar in Velachery.

Police told that the name of the deceased person is Ramesh Mandal. He is 29 years old and a resident of Jharkhand. On Wednesday evening, along with some school children, two youths were dancing on the road by parking their bikes on the roadside. He (Ramesh Mandal) was returning with groceries for dinner. Then the leg of one of the dancers accidentally collided with her.

Beaten to death on slightest mistake

Mandal objected to this and hit the children with the drum stick he was carrying. After this the children got angry. They attacked Mandal and his three companions. After this, the school children chased Mandal's friends and abused them and also hit him on the head.

9 including seven children arrested

After this, the comrades took Mandal, who had fainted, to a nearby private hospital. From there Mandal was transferred to Government Royapettah Hospital. Velachery police registered a case of attempt to murder and arrested all 9 including Gokulakrishnan, 21, of Taramani and Hariharan, 18, of Kallukuttai.

Died during treatment on thursday

Mandal died during treatment in the early hours of Thursday. The police converted the case into murder. School children were sent to the government home for juveniles in conflict with the law. The remaining two adults were sent to judicial custody.

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