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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Nora Fatehi celebrated her birthday amidst the sea waves, danced with friends on the boat

Nora Fetehi Birthday Celebration Video:
Actress Nora Fatehi celebrated her birthday amidst the sea waves. The heartbeat of the fans is increasing after seeing Nora Fatehi's belly dance on the boat. watch video

Nora Fetehi Belly Dance: When Bollywood's famous dancer Nora Fatehi shakes her waist, don't know how many hearts start beating on the beat of her dance. Recently Nora celebrated her birthday, where she is seen dancing on a boat amidst the ocean waves. The actress is breaking millions of hearts with her belly dance moves. Nora had a lot of fun

with her friends, a video of which is also going viral on social media. In the video, Nora is seen enjoying on a boat with friends.

Nora Fatehi celebrated her 31st birthday. During this, the actress was seen having fun with her girl gang on a yacht in Dubai. Nora has shared a video on her Instagram in which she is seen wearing a colorful flower print skirt and top. Nora stands on her yacht and starts doing Arabic dance. Nora is flaunting her slim waist in such a way that the onlookers get floored. His friends are cheering him with loud applause.

Nora 'Shake the Kamariya'

In the video you can see that a cake is placed in front of Nora Fatehi. A royal chair and a girl's design is made on the cake. A bouquet is placed on the side of the cake. Nora and her friends first jump and then Nora starts dancing alone. Later, her friends also come to give company to Nora and all start doing fun Arabic dance. Everyone is seen having a lot of fun.

While sharing the video, Nora Fatehi wrote, I wanted to get the annotation, but the annotation got me. Hashtag birthday behavior. Fans are very fond of this video of Nora. Nora's fans are congratulating her on her birthday, while some fans are praising her dance.

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