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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Mobile turned Bombayle! Elderly person died due to mobile blast in Ujjain, explosion happened during charging

Forensic experts are probing the incident from every aspect. The police officer said that they are also trying to find out whether the incident took place due to the high tension power line passing near the house.

A 60-year-old man died due to a mobile phone explosion while charging in a field built on Runija Road near Badnavar Road in Badnagar Tehsil of Ujjain. The explosion was so strong that the old man's body was blown away. The police reached the spot and started investigating the matter. According to the information, the incident is of Badnagar tehsil. Where Dayaram Barod (60) lived alone in a room built on the farm on Runija Road . On Monday, there was an explosion in his mobile, due to which he died.

Badnagar police station in-charge Manish Mishra told that the police had received information that the body of a person was lying in the house, after reaching the spot and investigating the matter, it was found that an explosion had taken place. When inspected the spot, the mobile phone of Oppo company was found in dismantled condition. The power point was also completely burnt. No other explosive or inflammable material has been found on the spot.

Dayaram's death had already happened

It is being told that the high tension line has also come out from the farm of the deceased Dayaram. On Monday, he had to go to Indore with his friend Dinesh Chavda for a Gami programme. Dinesh went to the railway station and bought a ticket for him to go to Indore as well. When he did not reach the station for a long time, friend Dinesh called him. The mobile got switched off as soon as I picked up the phone. After this the phone kept coming off continuously. After which Dinesh reached the farm to see him, he was shocked to see the scene there. He informed the police about this.

Why are phones exploding in mobile blast or bombile….?

According to doctors, the main reason for the explosion or fire of the smartphone is the excessive heating of the smartphone. There are many reasons due to which smartphones can overheat. Smartphones can heat up after excessive gaming and multitasking. From many places, there are reports of mobile phone suddenly exploding in hand or pocket or after receiving a call, this is called mobile blast or bombile, due to which both the patient, the family members and the society can see devastating results both physically and mentally. are meeting.

In the modern era of technology, mobile blast is emerging as a new method of hand injury. It represents a wide spectrum of injury ranging from a simple cut to amputation to devastating physical trauma and complications. Therefore, prevention is always better by following mobile safety guidelines. The management of blast injuries of the hand consists of early debridement and wound coverage with post-operative physiotherapy.

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