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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Mint chutney will remove stomach irritation, liver will also be strong, it is ready in 10 minutes

Mint has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Mint chutney also helps in calming the heat of the stomach.

Mint Chutney Recipe: Mint chutney can now be included in the food amid the changing seasons. Mint has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help the body fight diseases. Chutney has always been an important part of Indian food. Chutney is included in the food according to the season. This is the reason why many varieties of chutney are prepared and eaten here. Now the weather has started feeling hot in the day and cool in the night, in such a situation many people complain of acidity and burning sensation in the stomach. You can overcome this problem to a great extent by eating mint chutney. Apart from enhancing the taste of food, mint chutney is also very beneficial for health.

Mint chutney is very easy to make and it can be prepared in 10 minutes. If you also like chutney in food, then you can make mint chutney very easily. Let's know the easy recipe for making mint chutney.

Ingredients for making mint chutney

Mint leaves – 2 cups

Coriander leaves – 1 cup

Onion – 3/4 cup

Sugar – 1 tablespoon

Lemon juice – 1 tablespoon

Thick green chilies – 1 tablespoon

Salt – as per taste

Method of making mint chutney

To make mint chutney, first finely chop mint and coriander leaves. Now take the onion and cut it into fine pieces as well. If you do not eat onion then you can make mint chutney without onion also. Now squeeze a lemon in a bowl and extract its juice. After this chop the green chilies. Now put finely chopped coriander leaves and mint leaves in the mixer jar. After this add finely chopped onion to it.

After adding these ingredients, mix lemon juice, chopped green chillies and salt as per taste inside the jar. After this add one-fourth cup of water and put the lid of the jar. Now grind all the ingredients. Grind the chutney while running the mixer 2-3 times. Keep in mind that while grinding the chutney, do not grind it too fine. Keep it coarse. Now take out the chutney in a serving bowl. Mint chutney is ready to serve. It can be served with lunch or dinner.

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