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Saturday, February 11, 2023

'Job for sex': Black letters of IAS exposed from charge sheet, now every crime will be accounted for

SIT has prepared a charge sheet of 900 pages in front of the court. Narayan was questioned several times in this matter. To investigate these allegations, a special investigation team (SIT) of the police was formed. All the evidence presented by the victim girl was matching with the timeline.

Former Chief Secretary of Andaman and Nicobar Jitendra Narayan and Labor Commissioner RS ​​Rishi together allegedly gang-raped several girls. The investigation of this high profile case was handed over to the SIT (Special Investigation Team). The destruction of evidence by the main accused in the case, the whole scandal being carried out in connivance with other accused and the statements of the victim are matching with each other. This case started after the allegations of a woman, but as the layers were revealed, there was strong evidence of the victimization of many girls in it.

The SIT team has collected strong evidence to file a case against these former officers. They believe that these are enough to prove these allegations. Andaman and Nicobar Chief Secretary Jitendra Narayan and three others face serious charges including rape and criminal conspiracy. The first complaint in this case was lodged by a 21-year-old resident of Port Blair. The girl narrated in detail, first before the Andaman and Nicobar Police and later to the SIT, how Narayan violently sexually assaulted her on two occasions. And how then the Labor Commissioner of the Union Territory also joined it.

Account of each crime in the charge sheet

Jitendra Narayan is in judicial custody. It has been told in a report of The Indian Express that the SIT has told the details of this case. In this case how a protected witness has testified about more women coming to the official residence of the then Chief Secretary Jitendra Narayan. The over 900-page charge sheet revealed that both Jitendra Narayan's co-accused Rishi and hotel owner Sandeep Singh have confirmed the exact sequence of events in their statements as already told in the case. All the three accused are in judicial custody in Port Blair.

Multiple victims feared

It is believed that Narayan and Rishi had a face to face during the investigation. During this, questions and answers were asked from both. It was also videographed for proof. During this, Rishi confirmed his revealing statement and said that Narayan had asked him to bring the women. SIT investigation has revealed that many evidences in the case have been destroyed. Under this racket, more than 20 women were allegedly brought to the house of former Chief Secretary Jitendra Narayan in Port Blair within a period of more than a year. Many of these women were also given jobs after sexual exploitation.

SIT received anonymous letter

During the investigation, Narayan and Rishi had a face to face and the videography of the encounter was done as evidence. During this, it is learned that Rishi confirmed his revealing statement and said that Narayan had asked him to bring the women to his house. Rishi also admitted that he took another victim to the chief secretary's residence. Sources said the SIT has received two anonymous letters alleging more victims.

SIT collected evidence

The SIT has received phone call records, route maps and details of several digital trails to track the two tower locations. Which makes it clear that the allegations made in this case are true. Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections related to charges of gangrape, sex by a person in power, criminal intimidation and criminal conspiracy have been filed against Narayan and two other accused. Apart from this, SIT has added another section IPS 201. This is for alleged destruction and disappearance of evidence.

Understand the whole matter here

The FIR in this case was registered on October 1, 2022. At that time Narayan was posted as the Chairman and Managing Director of Delhi Financial Corporation. On October 17, the government had suspended Narayan with immediate effect. The woman has claimed that her father and her step mother were unable to meet her financial needs, so she needed a job and some people introduced her to the Labor Commissioner. Because he was close to the then Chief Secretary. He also claimed that the Chief Secretary has appointed 7800 candidates in various departments only on the basis of recommendation and without any formal interview. The woman said that she was taken to the chief secretary's house on the pretext of getting a government job, where she was raped on April 14 and May 1.

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