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Sunday, February 5, 2023

JCB: 'Blown' the bride away with a bulldozer, the in-laws were stunned to see the groom's swag

Bulldozer Wedding: In a very vigorous way, the groom started his wedding procession and sent the bride away while sitting on the JCB. When the bridegroom returned home from his in-laws house with his bride, the newly married couple and the baraatis were warmly welcomed there. Its pictures and videos have gone viral.

Groom With JCB Taking Bride: In the series of viral videos of the bride and groom, another explosive video has surfaced. This time the video is different because the groom has neither seen his bride off in the car nor in any other vehicle. The groom sent his bride away from her in-laws house by making her sit on a bulldozer. Seeing the swag of the groom, not only the in-laws but also the guests who came to his wedding were stunned.

Baratis crowd behind the bulldozer

Actually, this incident is from Navsari district of Gujarat. According to media reports, this marriage took place in Kaliyari village here. The groom's name is Kayur Patel and he had reached the next village with his wedding procession, after that he returned from there after sending the bride off in a bulldozer. In front, the bulldozer was bringing the bridegroom and the baraatis were following the bulldozer. The rest of the baraatis were coming by car and other vehicles.

Welcoming the bride and groom

As soon as the whole wedding procession reached home from the in-laws' house, the groom's family members welcomed the bride and groom with music and music. It is seen in the viral video that during this time a huge crowd has gathered to welcome him and the band is playing. Earlier, the groom had also gone to the bride's house with a bulldozer. And when he reached there, there was a crowd in the in-laws' house to see the groom's swag.

Where did this idea come from?

Its video has been shared by many people on social media. According to a media report, the groom told from where he got the idea that the bride has to be seen off with a bulldozer. He said that a long time ago he had seen a video of a wedding in Punjab on social media, in which the bride and groom had arrived with a bulldozer. After this he also decided that he would also bring his bride like this.

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