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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Innocent sitting under dead mother's hand for 5 days, who saw the scene could not stop tears

Even after 5 days, people are coming out alive from the houses collapsed by the earthquake, the rescue workers are constantly engaged in the work of saving them.

Due to the severe earthquake in Turkey last Monday, there is a scene of devastation everywhere. Even after 5 days of this dreadful earthquake, people are coming out alive from the debris. Meanwhile, a news is coming out that rescue workers have pulled out a 9-year-old child alive from the debris. He along with his mother was buried under the debris for the last 5 days. Although his mother could not be saved in this rescue operation. When the children were found, he was with his mother.

According to the information, more than 200 houses in the Westland between Kahramanmaras of Turkey were razed by the earthquake. Many people are feared to be buried inside these houses. Rescuers are trying to get people out one by one. Here there is a moral challenge before the rescuers that the people who are expected to survive should be taken out of the debris safely.

It was here that a rescue team was trying to save a woman named Laila in the rubble of a block of an Elbrar apartment. This woman was buried under a huge pile of debris. A rescue team worked day and night to get it out. When talked to an Italian rescuer, Gianluca Peske, he told that he is working with an engineer and rescuers of his own free will.

The rescue worker told that he had opened a corridor to save the woman. He told that he himself went inside till 7 meters and tried to talk to her. The woman responded but her voice was very weak. The Israeli rescue team worked hard for about 24 hours to save the woman. Earlier he has been successful in saving the woman's husband and daughter. But the woman was stuck in a very difficult place.

Another rescue worker said that Laila's voice could be that of her son. According to the information, Laila was with her child. At last her child was pulled out of the debris after a lot of effort. However, the rescuers were unable to save Laila. The child has been admitted to the hospital. Laila's son's name is Ridwan.

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