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Sunday, February 26, 2023

I don't know what is his talent? Singer targeted Shahnaz Gill by mentioning Jacqueline

Sona Mohapatra On Shehnaz Gill: Singer Sona Mohapatra has come into limelight for her tweets. He has targeted Shahnaz Gill through his tweets. He has also mentioned Jacqueline Fernandes.

Mumbai: Singer Sona Mohapatra is known for lending her voice to many great songs like Jiya Lage Na and Ambarrasiya. But along with that she is also famous for her outspokenness, for which she is often a part of the headlines. Now Sona Mohapatra has raised questions on the talent of Shahnaz Gill while doing some tweets.

On February 23, Sona Mohapatra tweeted, “The Twitter praise for Shehnaaz Gill's Act of Respect reminds me of Sajid Khan, accused of sexual assault, who got a platform on National TV. If only she had some respect for sisterhood." Recently, a video of Shahnaz Gill went viral on social media, in which she was going to sing a song. However, only then comes the sound of Azaan, hearing which Shahnaz stops for some time. This act of Shahnaz was liked by the people. Social media users had praised him a lot. On the other hand, seeing this tweet of Sona Mohapatra, it seems that she said this in the context of the same video.

Sona Mohapatra's tweet about Shahnaz's talent

After this tweet by Sona Mohapatra, Shehnaaz Gill's fans trolled her a lot on Twitter, after which Singer has made another tweet on Sunday and now she has questioned Shehnaaz Gill's talent. He wrote, "Dear trolls trying to stand up for yet another starlet like Jacqueline, I don't know what Shehnaaz's special talent is other than low-brow reality TV fame. But I know about women and shortcuts who fight for roles and money.

Fans gave such reactions

Sona Mohapatra has now come into limelight for this tweet as well. At the same time, many people are trolling them again. One user commented, "Get out of here, we will not give footage in the name of Shahnaz Gill." Another user wrote, "Such things do not suit you." Another user said, "Is this sisterhood?"

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