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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

How did the frog and the rabbit tell whether it would be a boy or a girl? Signs in the nipple of the breast too!

Science has progressed a lot. Today you can find out the latest status of pregnancy in just two minutes. But do you know what methods were used for this in the olden days? Read this interesting story.

Being a mother is a great happiness for women. The news of pregnancy is very good news not only for the couple but for the whole family. There are many methods for pregnancy test nowadays. A little kit. Two drops of urine on it and pregnancy is detected immediately. It is a crime under the purview of the law to investigate whether the unborn child is a son or a daughter. But earlier people used to detect it through ultrasound.

Now just think that when there were no such techniques, then how would people know about pregnancy and the unborn child! So come, for this, turn the pages of history a bit. Move the hand of the clock backward.

It is said that then the process for pregnancy test was completely different. Sometimes even fatal. Earlier there were various rituals to find out about it. Sometimes this process used to take time, then the lives of some were in danger.

Surely you will find the prescriptions of that era very strange and some scary and some absurd too.

1). Pee on wheat and barley

Once upon a time in ancient Egypt a very unique method was introduced to a woman to determine pregnancy. A pregnant woman had to urinate on bags filled with two types of grains like wheat and barley. In this event, if barley sprouts first, a boy should be born and if wheat sprouts first, a girl will be born. If the seeds did not germinate, then it was considered that there is no good news.

2). face paint

Hippocrates suggested two methods. The complexion of the woman in labor can also indicate the sex of the child. If there is yellowness on the face then a girl will be born and if it is pink then a boy will be born.

3). breast nipple direction

Apart from this, the gender of the child was also checked by looking at the direction of the nipple of the woman during delivery. If the nipples are downward then it will be a girl and if it is upwards then it will be a boy.

4).Sexual activity of rabbit

In 1927 the physicians Bernard Sondek and Selmar Esheim practiced a method. He suggested using rabbits. The mother's urine was injected into the body of the female rabbit with a syringe, after which her sexual activity was monitored for the next few days and then estimated

5).Urine injection in frog

There was another method. Hogben test, which is very old. The female's urine is injected into the skin of the female frog with a syringe. It was found that if a female is pregnant, after 5-12 hours the frog will produce a small sized white egg. The results of this test were unconditionally believed.

6). cocktail recipe

Pregnancy tests had not yet been invented in ancient Greece. Nausea, vomiting, sickness, loss of appetite and menstrual continuity were detected only by break. Hippocrates, the famous ancient Greek physician, offered his patients to drink a special cocktail to detect pregnancy. If a pregnant woman feels cramps after drinking this, then good news, otherwise there is no hope.

7) The Enchanting 'Garland' of Russia

In ancient Russia, a very unique method was devised to determine pregnancy. In ancient Russia, a small thread or garland was put around the neck of the girl during a marriage. When they became small and had to be removed, the girl was believed to be pregnant. In the opinion of experts, an increase in the thyroid gland is common in women during pregnancy.

These prescriptions used in the old times are now out of trend. Home kits for pregnancy test are available at very affordable prices. However, it is now a legal offense to check or get sex in the womb.

Now know a little about the law

The Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnosis Act, 1994 makes pre- or post-conception sex selection and pre-natal sex determination an offense under the law. It is also a crime to cooperate and even promote or advertise for embryo testing. For this, there can be a jail term of 3 to 5 years and a fine of 10 thousand to 1 lakh rupees.

Forced abortion of a pregnant woman is also a crime, for which life imprisonment and fine can be imposed under section 313. On the other hand, under Section 314, if a woman dies in the course of abortion, then there can be 10 years of jail or fine or both.

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