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Monday, February 6, 2023

Foreign students love these states of India! UP also in top 5, see full list

Do you know, foreign students from 160 countries of the world are studying in the country. Let us tell you that in which state maximum number of foreign students have taken admission.

The number of people going to study abroad from India is in lakhs. Every year students from different states of the country turn to countries like America, Britain, Australia, Germany. However, very few people are unaware that foreign students also come to study in India. A fair number of foreign students are studying in different states of the country. Most of these are in prestigious colleges like IIT , IIM or engineering colleges of the country, while some are pursuing degrees in a renowned private college.

However, have you ever thought that in which states maximum number of foreign students come to study? This information has been given in the recently released All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) report. It has been told in the report that Karnataka is the first choice of foreign students for studies. Uttar Pradesh is also included in the top 5 preferred destinations in terms of higher education. Let us understand through a table that in which state how many foreign students come for studies and at which place they are.

How many foreign students in the country?

The government has a special program behind foreign students coming to study in India. Actually, Study in India program is the reason, which is attracting foreign students to study in India. This project has been started by the Union Ministry of Education. The total number of foreign students enrolled in higher education in the country is 48,035. The thing to note here is that students from 163 countries around the world come to study in India.

The largest number of foreign students studying in the country are from Nepal. Nepal's share in total foreign students is 28.26%. After this comes the number of Afghanistan (8.49%), Bangladesh (5.72%), Bhutan (3.8%), Sudan (3.33%) and America (5.12%). 67.48% of foreign students studying in India come from the top 10 countries.

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