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Monday, February 6, 2023

AIIMS gears up to fight cancer, patients are being treated door-to-door

Aiims: AIIMS has adopted a village in Jhajjar. This step has been taken to save people from dangerous diseases like cancer. Under this, the people of the village are being investigated door-to-door.

Aiims News: For a long time, the New Delhi AIIMS administration has started many facilities for the benefit of the patients. Now, in this episode, the National Cancer Institute , Jhajjar of AIIMS has also taken an initiative. Under this , AIIMS has adopted a village in Haryana for the treatment and prevention of dangerous diseases like cancer . Health workers are checking people for cancer by going door-to-door in the village.

Why was the village adopted and how would it benefit the people? In this regard, Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar, director of AIIMS National Cancer Institute , says that dangerous disease like cancer is increasing very fast for the last few years. This disease is spreading due to lack of information about the symptoms and not getting the tests done on time. The purpose of adopting the village is to investigate cancer and other diseases and to take the patients to the hospital on time.

For this, the oncology department of the hospital has adopted Badsa village of Jhajjar. Health workers are going door-to-door to check patients. In this, people who are getting cancer or any other serious disease will be treated. The purpose of adopting the village is to provide better health services to the people. This work is being done under a project of ICMR.

Treatment of patients who have reached advanced stage

Those who are found to have serious illness during the investigation, they will be brought to the hospital and treated. Palliative care will also be given to the patients who are found in the advanced stage of cancer. The patients who are already in advanced stage are also being visited door-to-door to see what their condition is. Such patients will be treated according to the severity of the disease. During the screening, a data of other diseases including cancer found in the patients will also be prepared. A research is being prepared on the treatment being given to the patients. Whose model will be prepared and given to the government. Efforts will be made to implement this model in other districts as well. Which will help in fighting dangerous diseases like cancer.

Timely test will prevent

Dr. Sushma says that in cancer cases it is seen that most of the patients reach for treatment in advanced stage. The main reason for this is that people are not aware of the symptoms of cancer, due to which the disease continues to flourish in the body and goes into the last stage. In such a situation, it is necessary to have a test on time.

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